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Developing Your Licensed Brand

Published on May 12, 2011 By admin

  The old adage “you have to make hay while the sun shines” has never been truer at any time in history than today.  Living in a culture dominated by the 24-hour cable news cycle, the public has a dramatically diminished collective attention span.  The “news” becomes “old” at any increasingly rapid rate.  And, as […]

Licensing Agency, Chapter Two: The March of the Tweenies

Published on May 5, 2011 By admin

In crafting licensing strategies that deliver the most viable profit margins, retailers must understand — and respect — demographic and underlying pyschological factors if they aspire to pluck this ripe-for-the-picking market.   Our previous article examined the conditions that created markets for the licensed products and brands of hot new music stars.  Now, we’ll take […]