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Purchasing Crude Oil? Know the Sellers!

April 29, 2011

Regardless of the growth of alternative energy sources, crude oil is still the engine that powers the world.  In country’s like the U.S. that consumes more than it produces, that means that those wishing to procure supplies must identify viable sellers of this vital commodity.  In a world separated by language and culture, that is […]

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Mass Marketing in a Multi-Media Age: The KOllar Guard™ Case Study

April 28, 2011

For the mass marketer, today’s complex, well-informed, market savvy consumer presents a far greater challenge than the consumer of even just a few years ago.  When coupled with the growth of media channels – broadcast, print, and new, the choices facing mass marketers can be dizzying. To navigate these often uncharted waters requires a captain […]

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Licensing Agency: Turning Celebrity into Product Sales

April 25, 2011

The economy may be stumbling in the dark, but in the gloom, one avenue of commerce shines brightly. That avenue is licensed merchandise, and we don’t mean only sports paraphenalia.  Sales of clothing and other items bearing the logos of professional sports teams and the numbers of star players have plodded along respectably even in […]

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Franchising, 101

April 22, 2011

Caught up in a pervasive economic flux, many of us are exploring new employment opportunities. Franchise ownership represents one such opportunity.   If you are considering the purchase of a franchise, you’ll want to remember the old adage about looking before leaping.  While franchise ownership can be emotionally and financially rewarding, there are a number […]

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Physical Commodities Brokering: The Basics and Potential Pitfalls

April 20, 2011

Trading in physical commodities may be defined as the exchange of physical goods ranging from grown produce, such as soy or coffee beans, through precious metals to barrels of crude oil with the recipient of such transfers providing shipping from the warehouse, depot, port, or other facility from which the goods are to be collected. […]

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Dean Washington: Physical Commodities Broker

April 20, 2011

Leveraging global contacts accumulated during 20 years of legal practice experience, Dean Washington entered the physical commodities brokerage industry in 2009.  As industry insiders are well aware, successful physical commodities brokering is reliant upon the depth and strength of contacts, the cultivation of an active, knowledgeable partner base, accumulation of product expertise, continuous tracking of […]

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