Mass Marketing in a Multi-Media Age: The KOllar Guard™ Case Study

For the mass marketer, today’s complex, well-informed, market savvy consumer presents a far greater challenge than the consumer of even just a few years ago.  When coupled with the growth of media channels – broadcast, print, and new, the choices facing mass marketers can be dizzying.

To navigate these often uncharted waters requires a captain with a solid knowledge base in consumer behavior and the fundamentals of traditional and new media as well as the established relationships required to execute marketing plans employing a convergence of media to optimize market exposure.  Dean Washington’s background in the industry is a case in point.

In 2010, he partnered the formation of Hygenics International, LLC, a development and marketing company focused on creation and promotion of solutions to various consumer hygienic problems.  Their flagship product, the KOllar Guard™ is a revolutionary, proactive solution to ring around the collar.  The unique concept is trademark protected and its design has patent pending status.


Realizing the power of the Internet, Dean commenced a test marketing initiative via traditional marketing channels and provided strategic direction to the development and deployment of a product website –  The promising results of his initial efforts led to research and identification of a business partnering resource to take product marketing to the national level.

Collaboration with TV Goods, a direct response marketing company that identifies, develops, markets, and distributes consumer products, has enabled Hygenics International to gain national exposure for KOllar Guard™ via cable TV infomercial campaign producing 1.7 million consumer impressions among the product’s target audience of adults age 25-54.

Rounding out Dean’s global marketing plan is a social media marketing campaign employing the burgeoning Facebook and Twitter social networking platforms with more than 800 million aggregate users worldwide.

By converging broadcast, Internet, and social media, Dean has established the infrastructure for mass marketing success and a model for achievement by other mass marketers.


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