Mass Marketing Defined

Mass marketing is an attempt to appeal to an entire market with one basic marketing strategy utilizing mass distribution and mass media. Also called undifferentiated marketing, it maximizes product advertising to consumers.  Unlike niche marketing, that targets markets and audiences via research and analytical techniques, mass marketing advertises products to a large audience.

Mass communication relies on an advertiser’s ability to reach a large audience of consumers.  As such, before the advent of then new technologies such as television and radio in the 20th Century, mass marketing was an impossibility.  Utilizing these media, however, advertisers built brand consciousness in record time and sold products in volumes larger than had ever been achieved.

Products advertised during nationally televised programs reach consumers in entire countries.  As long as these products are available in all locales countrywide, advertising to such a huge demographic is considered successful marketing strategy. By showing the actual product to consumers and communicating its benefits, advertisers are able to influence consumer buying behaviors.  By repeating commercials, over a period of time, advertisers not only reach viewers who have not previously seen them, but also build brand recognition among those consumers witnessing them multiple times.

The impact of brand recognition among consumers can have long-lasting effects.  Recognizing the promoted products through their names, packaging, and promoted benefits, consumers are not merely driven to purchase those products, but also are more likely to become loyal to the product and brand.  Through effective mass marketing strategy similar to that used to promote KOllar Guard™, brand managers create a wide appeal for their products to match the scope of their audiences.

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